Your subconscious mind allows you to live freely. It allows you to feel like there is something wonderful going on. It is your unencumbered thought and imagination.

Your conscious mind acts as your security, your monitor, your public relations person. Things you are good at, passionate about, they become harder to get to as your conscious mind messes you about. Your conscious mind would have you believe you must act a certain way, appropriately for each situation.

Can you see?

Is your subconscious able to foresee the future or is it just good at predicting outcomes or is it just good at letting you know what you actually feel? Either of the last two could be called foreseeing the future, because one would never actually ‘see’ it.

Is it an ability to see the future or does it merely condition you to shape the future to your liking and/or expected outcome?

Expected outcome? Future? What is the actual difference between the two?

One may not be the same as the other, but if the expected outcome was based on very accurate observations and judgments, could it not be the same? Is that the limitation we must overcome to move forward?

Don’t limit yourself

Our conscious mind – remember? To consciously say or think we have limitations is a defense mechanism of the conscious mind, much like the defense mechanism kicking in when we need to lie about our true feelings to save face.

We cannot understand this situation well because we are very much immersed in it.

Just like you cannot see your forehead without a mirror, you cannot see your condition (of this defensive limiting) without an external guide or clue to gain you a different or greater perspective.

Who’s winning inside your head?