You don’t like your job and everything you’ve applied for has come up nil. What can you do to change that?

Things like location, resume, cover letter, skills, credentials, social network, scope of search and the presentation of all of the above affect this. Consider each and what it might mean to you.

Feeling like you do not have an exit or out is only your own mind creating a block of vision.

You do have outs; you just can’t see them yet, because you do not understand them yet.

To quote the Matrix, ‘You cannot see past the choices you do not understand.’ This is very true! Writer’s block occurs in the short term, but stops the writing forever.

The same applies to your job. You must know that you will someday be working at a better job, making a better career.

Ok, now that you are over the fact that you have exits, you just need to plan them out. Back to figuring out what you can do with the things that affect your ability to gain a better position, career-wise.

Hopefully by shedding the illusions and focusing yourself on things you can make a difference with, you will lower your levels of stress, benefiting all areas of your life very quickly.