I think the answer may lie in your inability to distinguish the true emotions from the false emotions. (I’m not accusing you of anything, merely speculating.)

Of course, both are real responses, but the fundamentals of each are very different.

For example: a basic emotion such as fear can exist, without prejudice. The emotion exists, and it does not care whether its reasons are valid or not.

Take a misunderstanding or miscommunication, and you can easily have the emotional response of fear. We often fear that which we don’t understand.

Would the response be ‘false’, given that you don’t fully understand the situation and there may actually be nothing to fear?

True or false?

If you were standing on the edge of a cliff without a safety harness, fear would be a natural response. Is this response more accurate or ‘true’?


Is there a way to fully understand every situation, and every reaction a human being can make?

On what terms would you be able to understand? Scientific? Spiritual?

If you could understand every situation and subsequent reaction, would you cease to emote or would it be a truer form of emotion?

Would it be an enlightened state of being? Does it really matter?

Could it be that we are worried of what damage our image might take if we stray from the tidy box we’ve presented ourselves to be?