i’m what they call love
now show me the beauty
i cant feel what others can
not far from watching movies
twisted fiction into fear
that fear is fact and fictions near
retracing steps none needed be
come crossing passing highway scenes
not supposed to show whats their-
-holy hope is never where
should be finding founded slopes
math is it and so are we
interpretation’s highly be
critically analyzing mixmatching clues
the space of an area is hardly the news
but its known and so this is the way it shall be
like adam and the apple and satan and eve
its all fake they all shouted and all they all did cry
its the fakest world they had ever seen by their eye
cant you see it in the eyes theres nothing far beyond
the lakes the rivers the oceans and streams and don’t forget about the ponds
what am i trying to say you say?
saying trying to be is all that i go for and all i can see
the world is upon us
the world feeds from our trees
the words we use to describe
make me weak in the knees
for no better a dream
has this one been described
but for the world as we know it, awake in our eyes