roll on down the road
keep the tears out of your eyes
there are much worse things that happen
so this should be no big surprise

i’m not a prophet, a philosopher
a mind reading intellect
i don’t have all the answers
all i try is to be of the best

hearts torn in two
what can i do?
fury fills my heart
only thing holding me apart

but step back
keep it real
gotta be strong
for what she feels

i’d never know
i wished i’d not
i knew the answer
but wanted not

you’ll never feel
the pain so hot
fragile hands
touched a burning pot

the evil the world is
and the evil the world knows
is not the evil that we can be ourselves
and that evil no one knows

but one and two and three and a million
know this horror everyday
these poor broken heart burnt victims

some grow up not knowing
to some the answers come quick
sometimes the answers are incorrect
because they know what hell is and they’ve seen the sick

open your eyes people
what can we do?
why must we hide the things that we do?
the things that are evil
in the deadliest ways
come forth, reconcile, may your damned souls be saved

i wish for nothing less
than the worst that there is
fire burning your flesh
knowing the pain that you’ve gived

fuck your insanity and fuck all your pills
fuck all your twisted fucking ways to get thrills
theres no fucking justification
theres just no fucking truth
you’ll never know what you’ve done
hide behind hate and abuse

your day is coming
keeping breathing
its almost done
door number three is what you’ve chosen
and a tortured life is what you’ve given

so a painful death is in your future
i can see it all so clear
me, body shaking out of hate, you, drinking your beer