you can’t feel what i feel
bring yourself in my life
no closer to the truth
it takes the pain away
but buries the blues

can’t find the words to describe
the way that you’re feeling
i can see you can’t hide

but as hard as i try
i cant take it away
nothing ever will
no one ever can say

oh i’ve been there before
its no big deal
i can handle that anytime
just keep on rollin the wheel

fuck cant you see that this girl is in trouble?
theres no way in hell that im going to stand by and weep
cry all you want
spill all you got
its never enough
til you fill whats been shot

use your own strength to help the weak walk
speak of the truth and teach how to talk
bring all the confidence
and feel all the scars
its never enough
but its closer than letting them bleed
try to keep the pressure on
rest relaxation is what you need

takes a lot out of you
hard to live with
the feelings and knowing
and hating the glitch
the fucked up world thats got some kinks to be worked out
its never worked quite right i don’t think
maybe it’ll never come about

take a piece of me now
and another for later
save it with you for when you need it most
take it with you and do something
because nothing is bad
and if nothing is done, i’ll eventually be a ghost

no soul left now, i’ve broken too many times
given all my hope away
sent out all my good times
i’ve spent every confidence on the sick and the weak
i’m poorer than than the man who’s lost every one of his teeth
that’s me, smacked around a bit, the life beat out of me now
each tooth represents a hard time that i’ve downed

give til you die
share before you whither
believe that there is good
and that things will get better

bury the past with the future’s bright outlook
crush your fears like a toothpick on the side of your bright teeth
for you are strong now, not fragile, not saddened, not weak

take those things i have given
and maybe pass them along
i’m tryin to distribute better
by writing this song

save this day
in hopes we can live another like it
but don’t put it away
because theres never time to quit

every single second on earth
you can have a mind-blowing time
and every single second we’re dead
i don’t know that far into the future, not even in mine

break away from the ‘original’ and become what has always been you
connect with the inner demons, walk with them and fight and pass
its time you spent some time alone in times of livin fast
livin for everyone else for sure
i’ll die for something better than this i hope