So, you don’t like your job? That’s very uncommon. Most people do. Haha.

Understand what it is: money, ‘credentials’, validation (a little or a lot), opportunity.

Money: helps with your basic survival and luxuries (however large or small they may be).

Credentials: could mean you can get that next job easier, it could mean you get looked at a certain way (career/job-wise), it could mean that you are taken more seriously when you propose an idea.

Validation: you went to school, you tried, you learned, you succeeded in these tasks. You graduated and ‘logic’ says you now get to use these things. Life says otherwise, but no matter what, you will use things you’ve learned every day.

Obviously you wish you didn’t spent so much money on something that doesn’t seem to be helping you and may be hindering you (re: student loan, lack of money to pay it, and the sacrifices you make because of it).

Opportunity: is the chance to make more money, get a better position, make sure you are on the train when the next opportunity stop comes along, etc.

When I say understand ‘what a job is’, I mean I want you to shed any fantasy you might have of it being great or something other than what it means to you (see above plus your own additions).

Nope, probably not your dream job, probably not enough money, you probably aren’t appreciated, you aren’t flexing your thinking muscles enough, no challenge, bad location, maybe other things.

So let it become your vehicle…or part of it.

A job serves certain purposes, it can take you places (but you don’t know where yet) and it does allow you to survive financially, in turn physically, emotionally, socially, etc.

Take these thoughts and now project where you’d like it to take you. The stars, yes of course, to the top. Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know how far you wanna go.

Regardless, what is it able to do for you today, this week, next month, this year to get you to where you want to go?

If it does nothing else but allow you to survive and think of what to do next, is it worth something? You need to really think of how to leverage it.