i cry
for all the children left alone
theres no justice in this world
for all the boys and little girls

theres never been a place better off for them
but home is not the place that’s offered them
keeping things and secrets kept
under the rug the lies are swept

never understanding
the parents keep pretending
quiet and inside they keep
knowing but never try to speak
for fear of knowing
for hate of being
the problems came from
the anger feeling

take a look inside your kid’s eyes
don’t look away because it takes that extra effort
stare and start to realize, the troubling times that come to the surface
you’d never think the way they think
but remember back when you were 18?
when 18 was old and they were young
you can still remember farther some
the pictures they drew
the poems they wrote
the scars they keep
the ragged old rope

you never knew how close you came
but since i am revealing
its all the same
we become who we are
and who we are is what we’ve lived
who’s loved us and who’s cared for us
in minds so small and fragile
the biggest dreams can come
connect, converse, control your fate
for death comes quick
no reason to wait
on oprah, on god, on the devil’s back door
no matter where its been, there’s more and more
to get through the heart and into the soul
those young ones eyes will grow back from coal
their hearts filled back with the blood of the love
arteries pumping something called life through the veins

if there’s one thing to know and only one thing i can offer
it’s to keep the sparkle in the children’s eyes
because without any care there is unnecessary demise