empty alone
nobody home
but me
empty inside
eating me alive
stopping soon
dont like this room
slowly glowing
potential showing
feeling surges
hell bent on change
empty equals out
inside equals hate
hate is too strong
for what is what fate?
fate doesnt matter
when you are sitting alone
turned off the ringer
of the little black fone
thoughts so abstract
but feelings nonetheless
coming together
bringing out the best
i soon suspect
that less is more less is coming to the door
can’t find the handle do i still snore?
makin sense and making cents relate to eachother
like no sisters but brothers
and one mother
who i love the most
and a ghost who was supposed to be there if i choked
now i wrote this hope
and i write this way
heres to getting away
heres to getting to stay
while still being far far away
where no one ever goes
but me