straight to the head
the vial
poison killing
insecure insane
right away
don’t know
hating the moments
the feeling of loneliness
but not wanting togetherness
just stay lonely
like a boxed up animal
ready to be shipped
lying to me
pretending to care
but whats in my best interests
are so obviously where
they are not and yours do flourish
self-absorbed and greedy
you don’t speak the truth
you wish you didn’t have to make the choice
but i can tell you right now i can hear it in your voice

stop feigning truthful
stop the love express
quit makin me feel worse
or i’ll put you through my test
you’ll never make it through either
heart stops between steps 2 and 3
you won’t feel a thing for me

when i’m done you’ll fucking hate my living soul

you’ll get depressed and fuck some rebound joe
and it’ll make you feel unwhole
i control you now
you’ll never leave even if you’re gone
i can make anything happen in so little time
theres wrongs in there i’m sure
i find no fault
i am the right
destroy my body in a perilous fight
hang my head up like some skid-marked underwear
dirty laundry you hate to do, but you can’t buy some new ones
too poor? fuck you, get a job
too much stress? go to hell, people are livin harder than you
had a hard childhood? well, fuck, how old are you again?
die, slow like tupac said
maybe he had a point
maybe its a big clue
isn’t every living day one day your deader and dying too?
stop right here
now try to read the rest
eyes all blurry from the lack of blood
the knife protrudes your chest
intrusion alert, thats not supposed to be there
in my mind you aren’t allowed to take
a number for my line up
you die
rip it up if you have one
walk away now
its over
9 to 5 is our normal business hour