The human race has accomplished so much compared to what it typically agrees it can accomplish. The general consensus is that we can accomplish ‘only so much’ and that we are limited.

Who are these anomalies in life, these people who exceedingly surpass all typical human beliefs while moving our entire world forward? What was it that allowed them to break the typical barriers of thought?

My name is Joshua and this is what I’m going to tell you about:

  • Human behavior and incentives, and how they relate to your personal and business success.
  • Powerful metaphors you can use today, and the clichés they rode in on.
  • Creating value for others to guarantee your success.
  • The moving target that is your audience.
  • What makes you think they’ll even click on this?
  • Look (from the outside in), think (from the inside out), and do (it): The series?

Stay tuned!